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Establish an EBGP peering between the routers R2 and R5 (and between R2 and R3)

Preconfiguration : 
1. IP addresses as per the topology have been configured.
2. IP Routing is enabled (which is by default ON on most Cisco Routers).

R2 configuration :

EBGP configuration
Fig 1.2.1
 R5 configuration :

EBGP configuration
Fig 1.2.2

Explanation :

You can see from the log message that the BGP neighborship is up. Concentrate on the " router bgp <AS NO> " and the " neighbor <IP> remote-as <AS NO>" in fig 1.2.1 and fig 1.2.2.We can verify the output by using the commands such as :

1. " show ip bgp neighbor "
2. " show ip bgp summary "

Moral of the story : Configuration-wise, you will not see much changes between the IBGP and EGBP peering. Just the " neighbor <IP>remote-as <AS NO> " will be different than the " router bgp <AS NO> "

Similarly we will create an EBGP peering between R2 and R3

R3 configuration : 

EBGP configuration
Fig 1.2.3

R2 configuration : 

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