Friday, September 6, 2013



Found error in HFTM TCAM Space and not able to recover the error" 

It is one of the new system messages on Cisco IOS Release 12.2(55)SE and later. 

This error message means there was an error on the TCAM and it became corrupted during an upgrade of the IOS in the past. 

 This can be recovered by a power cycle of the switch. A software reload may not resolve this, it requires a full power cycle. 

TCAM corruption is due to SEL (System error logging) events before the upgrade and after it's upgraded to (55)SE5, memory consistency check found those errors and corrected few of them and not able to recover remaining. 

So, that's why we need to power off the switch and power it on again to recover from those SEL errors (just reloading the switch won't help).  Recommended Action:  power cycle the switch.

 Possible WorkAround :

1) please save the configuration and check with "show boot" if the correct directory is pointed for the switch to boot.

2) please power off the device (plug out the power cable) and power it on again

Following document explains this error and the way to resolve it too: