Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's true. Cisco Nexus Titanium is finally out. And it is up and running.
Now it may not support everything that you were expecting but it will give you at least a basic idea and a feel of the great Cisco Nexus. At least, the CLI will not fail to keep your spirits up.

What is Cisco Nexus Titanium ?????

Simply put, Titanium is Cisco Nexus' emulation on your VMware machine. 
You want to get a feel of Nexus, but can't afford to buy one / your company doesn't have one..... try Titanium.

All you need to do is download from one of the following links to get a VMware instance :

 Ok, now you have downloaded it.... What next ???
 (Make sure you have the VMWARE installed on your PC)
Double-Click on N7K-2 (.vmx) file.... Your VMware will open up and Power on the Machine.

You'll get the message :

" Loader Loading stage1.5."

Loader loading, please wait...
WARNING: Ancient bootloader, some functionality may be limited!

Now, don't let the above message bother you.

Carry out the following steps :

Configuring VMWARE Virtual Machine

Follow these steps to add a serial port to your VMWare Workstation virtual machine:
  1. Attach the serial port to your VM.  Open your VM settings dialog and click Add
  2. Select Serial Port and click Next
  3. Select Output to named pipe and click Next
  4. Now you need to specify configuration for the named pipe.  Make sure you select “This end is the server” and “The other end in an application” otherwise you won’t get any output from your console.  Click Finish.

    NOTE: The named pipe is created and deleted each time you power on, and power off your VM.

    Configuring PuTTY Connection
    When you launch PuTTY, you need to select Serial connection type, and then enter in the pipe name into the Serial Line text box:

    Once you connect, you’ll be able to configure your VM (be it Vyatta, or some other flavour) all via the VM’s serial interface.

    Now again start your VM. You will again get the warning. Just ignore it, minimize it and connect using PuTTY as above (using serial). Wait for some time for the Nexus image to boot and then login. The login credentials will be visible in the PuTTY window.


  1. Hi,

    I found one error when i tried the given steps
    ie File not found: Titanium-VM-5.1(2)-cl1.vmdk

    This file is required to power on this virtual machine. If this file was moved, please provide its new location.
    Where as file is present in the extracted folder.


    1. Praveen, I am also getting this error. Do u have any solution for this.

      Thanks, Manu

    2. Is the prob resolved.... If resolved... please guide me as I m also getting the same error....


  2. Thanks, This worked like gem. Will explore it further.

  3. Thanks for info its working gr8 !!!

  4. Can someone tell how to create multiple sessions of Nexus Titanium in VMware so that we can simulate 2 Nexus 7Ks and can connect each other for vPC scenarios?

  5. In vmware workstation I have 2 Vms. 1 Windows VM with Putty Client and other is Cisco Nexus Titanium VM.

    when i connect my Putty client to Titanium Vm over serial port I get following error:
    unable to open connection to \\.\pipe\com_1 unable to open serial port.

    On Windows VM i have added serial port.

    Please help

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  7. Open Putty, get [COM1] error: "Unable to open connection to \\.\pipe\com_1 Unable to open serial port." (Same as user "Hari", please advise).

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  9. How to simulate two switches and test vdc and vpc ?

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  11. how do you get around the putty error Open Putty, get [COM1] error: "Unable to open connection to \\.\pipe\com_1 Unable to open serial port." (Same as user "Hari", please advise).

  12. I think what we need is the ova file itself, because if I duplicate the switch and connect them to each other, they would have the same switch base MAC Address and therefore spanning tree will not work.

  13. The VDC's are not crating in the titanium....the module is not online...Ethernet status is unavailable....there is no pinging success between to different network.....any solution for this...?

  14. is it possible to configure 802.1x on nexus getting problem like this..... Stub Library could not be opened
    *** cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ***

  15. Hello Can someone share the NX-OS vm image as I tried downloading from above links it didnt work